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Hobbs Hill Wood Primary School

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Year Group Plans

The primary years are of the utmost importance, and we believe that children’s strengths and needs should be acknowledged and supported. The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (for Nursery and Reception) is organized in six themed areas connected to child development. The National Curriculum is followed for years 1-6 through a creative topic based curriculum which covers English, history, geography, art, DT and ICT skills. Separate English, mathematics, science, RE, music, citizenship and French (years 3-6) lessons are taught where the skills cannot be included in the topic. Due allowance is made for the age, development, maturity and ability of individual children.


Each year we hold a themed Creative Week involving all curriculum subjects. During the week various workshops come to school to work with our children. The work is celebrated on the family evening when, weather permitting, our families join in activities and picnic on the field.


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