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Hobbs Hill Wood Primary School

Improving outcomes for all our pupils through high quality teaching and learning

Teaching and Support Staff

Teaching Staff
Support Staff
Miss A. Pyke - Nursery Manager
Miss Z. Mackie
Miss T. Turner - Nursery Teacher  
Miss S. Allen - Early Years Practitioner
Mrs J. Kayani - Early Years Practitioner
Mrs J. Forbes (Stars)         
Mrs C. Ross
Mrs B. Stokes (Comets) Mrs J. Thomas
Mrs J. Harris Mrs R. Haines
Year 1
Miss N. Hyde (1H)
Mrs K. Taylor
Miss H. Mudd (1M)
Mrs J. Hartley
Year 2
Mrs J. Green - Assistant Head FS, Years 1 and 2 - (2G)   
Mrs T. Mayes
Miss C. Keeley (2K)
Mrs J. Carlisle
Year 3
Miss D. Trivedi - Assistant Head Years 3 and 4 (3T)
Mrs N. Goodman
Miss M. Clark (3C)
Mrs C. Grossman
Year 4
Miss K. Bullock (4B)
Mrs J. Shaughnessy
Miss N. Marren (4M)
Miss N. Rowlatt
Year 5
Mrs S. Gleeson (5G)
Mrs K. North
Ms C. Woolman (5W) Mrs J. Nicholls
Year 6
Mrs D. Hart - Assistant Head Years 5 and 6 (6H)
Mrs D. Woolley
Mr G. Bannister (6B)
Mrs L. Lane
Miss A. Sheehan  
  SEN Support
  Mrs M. Dalton
  Mrs P. Forde
  Mrs J. Hartley
  Mrs K. Hunt
  Mrs L. Nisbet
  Mrs L. Savery
  Mrs L. Seggery
  Mrs V. South
Miss D. Styles - Sports Coach Years R-6  
Mr R. Foster - Sports Apprentice