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Year 2

Welcome to the Year 2 page!


Class Teachers: Mrs Green (2JG) and Miss Grossman (2BG)

Teaching assistants: Mrs Mayes (2JG), Mrs Hartley (2BG) and Mrs Robson (2BG)

You may work with other staff at times throughout the year. 


Spring Term in Year 2

In the Spring Term we will be reading some non-fiction books and writing information pages and instructions.  We will be learning about Moths and Barn Owls as part of our English work. Towards the end of the Spring Term we will be reading some longer chapter books. 

In Science we will be learning about Materials. We will be sorting different materials and investigating which materials, bend, squash, twist and stretch.

In Geography we will be learning to read and understand simple maps of the local area. We look at compass direction and co-ordinates as well as learning our addresses. Watch out for our walk around the local area.

In Art we learn about an artists called Stephen Wiltshire. He sketches buildings from memory – he has produced lots of montages of city skylines. We will be using pen, pencil, graphite and charcoal to reproduce his art work looking at famous buildings in the London skyline.

We are looking forward to an exciting Spring term with you!