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Hobbs Hill Wood Primary School

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Mark Devlin

Years at school: 1970 to 1975

Joined the Royal living in the New Forest, working as a buyer in Military Aerospace

General Memories: Happiest days ever at Hobbs Hill! Very fond memories of all . Main memories are of sports days, dubious school dinners, warm milk(arghhh) country dancing and play time games of football and kiss chase. Hobbs Hill was an oasis in the 1970's

Memories of Teachers: Mr Louds fantastic stories, Mrs Heathers Country and Morris dancing classes and Mr Crawfords naughty chairs placed either side of his office !!

Memories of School Trips and Events: Trip to the Natural History Museum. The Morris dancing competition ( where we got it all wrong)


Janice Barnett

Years at school: 1967 to 1973

University of Wolverhampton
Open university
Consultant specialising in border management

General Memories: Horrible warm milk in triangular cartons
The toad stool leap frogs were put in place and a climbing frame.

Memories of Teachers: Mr Crawford, Mrs wheeler, Mrs Stephenson, Mr Loud and Mrs Thompson all taught me.
Mrs White would look after us if we scraped our knees.
Mrs Heather made us do country dancing.

Memories of School Trips and Events: Natural history Museum