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Hobbs Hill Wood Primary School

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Chris Emery

Years at school: 1984-1990

Went to Hemel Hempstead School, then took accounting qualifications at Aylesbury and West Herts colleges.  Now a tax and systems accounting specialist living in Rickmansworth and working W.London.

HHS was always a happy place.  Another ex-pupil recalled drawing on the condensation on cold or wet days - that stuck with me too.. that and the huge numbers of craneflies that would stick on the windows.  I recall the great storm of October 1987 demolishing one of the classrooms as the oak tree that stood by the canteen fell onto it.

Teachers I recall - Mr. Haynes was already there as a teacher, the great Mr. Lynch took over from Mr. Crawford the year I went from the Primary to Junior side of HHS.  Mr. and Mrs. Groom were a pair of characters - we all knew which of them it was safer to get in trouble with...


Lisa Pedder

Years at school: 1980 to 1987

Trained as a nurse
I am currently a Children's Epilepsy Specialist Nurse in Norfolk

General Memories: Our uniform changing to yellow as we were in year 5-6
The school canteen
Raining days spent in the link way between school and the canteen and drawing on the steamed up windows
The outdoor toilet block that we used to think was haunted!!!! Full of daddy long legs
Singing in assembly from the OHP

Memories of Teachers: Lovely teachers
mrs Groom, mrs singleton, ms Howe (not so,keen as she was strict!!!) mr helmsby
Mr Lynch was a legend

Memories of School Trips and Events: Country dancing
Yearly swimming galas to an open air pool somewhere

Memories of School Clubs and Sports: Sports day being fun and competitive


tracie cooper (was cooper)

Years at school: 1980 to 1981


General Memories: happy days i also went tu longdeqn, i can remembeecthe outside toilet and straberry custard and choc brownies and grange hill


tracie cooper (was cooper)

Years at school: 1980 to 1981


General Memories: christmas dinner

Memories of Teachers: mrs groom was lovley miss davis werbt

Memories of School Trips and Events: thorp park

Memories of School Clubs and Sports: sports team


Nicola McLaren-Harrison (was McLaren)

Years at school: 1977 to 1980

Went to Longdean School after Hobbs Hill. Studied English at the University of Reading. Work in Civil Service.

General Memories: Being able to stay indoors at playtime when it rained, and drawing on the condensation on the windows; sledging in the winter; the summer fetes; having great friends.

Memories of Teachers: Miss Davies was an absolute inspiration. Well-read, well-travelled, a gifted teacher, and so kind to us all. Mr Lowde who (at last!) showed me that Maths could be interesting and who told hilarious stories of when he was a boy. Mrs Wood - such a lovely manner and great with the kids.

Memories of School Trips and Events: Being told off on the trip to Hampton Court when instead of throwing a coin into the fountain as others did, I threw it into the royal carriage which was on display nearby!!!

Memories of School Clubs and Sports: Chatting to my friends at the side of the field when I should've been playing rounders .... I was never any good at sports!