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2018's Rubbish Film

2018's Rubbish Film

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While many children were away at the Isle of Wight, Mr Bannister got creative with those staying behind.

This year's spark of an idea came from looking at litter. Not the most inspirational thing, you might think - and you could well be right - but there you go.


To help with some choreography ideas, the children watched clips clips of 'Top Hat' and 'Singin' in the Rain' and there was then some time to work out some short, simple dance routines.


And then it came to filming...


Because of some dodgy weather on the Thursday, we needed to film the majority of it on the Friday. Unfortunately, this coincided with Eid, which meant that a few of our Year 6s were unable to appear. Those who were here soon discovered that filming even the simplest of things (handing out bags and grabbing litter) can be incredibly challenging. 


Anyhoo, the results speak for themselves. We hope you all enjoy.



Please note -  

For anyone mildly concerned about health and safety, thanks to the magic of editing, the children were not throwing an actual bag of litter - it was a different one full of shredded paper.

Also, the eagle-eyed amongst you will note that the bag ends up in our big recycling bin. Don't worry - we recycled everything properly once the cameras stopped rolling.

Finally, before filming, we had to 'messy up the place'! There were so few pieces of litter around that we had to add our own. This is mostly down to Mr Rycroft so well done to him.