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School Council

Hobbs Hill Wood has a School Council made up of 16 members – two representatives per class in Year Three, one representative from each class in Year Four and Year Five and eight representatives from Year Six. Pupils can offer themselves for nomination at the start of the academic year and the other pupils in the class vote to elect their representative.


School Council is the voice of the children and the children’s opportunity to contribute to whole school improvement. The School Council representative attends regular meetings to discuss comments and ideas put forward by their peers. They also hold regular class council meetings to share what has been happening in school council and to put forward suggestions.

Autumn 2019 Update

The following people in year 6 have been elected for team captain in their planet teams:


Saturn: James and Aleena

Neptune: Ellen and Zahir

Mars: Max and Rachel

Jupiter: Noah and Olimpia


Year 5




Year 4




Year 3





We elected different roles for our year 6’s within the school council:


Chair: Rachel

Vice Chair: Max 

Secretary: Olimpia 

Vice Secretary: Aleena

Treasurers: James/Zahir

Notice board and Website: Noah/Ellen 


Autumn Update

This term, we asked classes to think of class names. Each class was asked to come up with ideas for each year. We then found out the most popular which included animals, jems and stones, colours, trees/plants and birds. When we decide the name that is most popular and will be easy for everyone to understand, the classrooms will be named after the one we choose.

We have also been talking about the Catering with Mrs. Fulcher. Everybody had to get feedback from the classes about what was positive and what was negative. Everything that was negative will be improved by the cooking staff.

In School Council we decided to do the charities Pace and Cancer Research UK. We raised £1300.00 at the Christmas plays. We are going to half this money for Pace (our local charity) and Cancer Research UK (our National charity).

On the week we celebrated Red Nose Day, we also celebrated Anti-Bullying week, and this includes: making cyber-bullying and bullying posters and also the High Five project. The High Five project is a red hand which said a different thing in every finger, such as: Walk away, Ignore, Report, Talk Friendly and Talk Firmly.

At our school we also think about others, so we also raised money for Children in need.  All together we raised £815.72. The money that we raised was from people within the school dressing up and paying a pound. We also raised money at a cake sale where we all brought in cakes to buy and the money went to Children in need.


Spring Update One

This term, we asked classes to think of questions for the school Governors. Each class was asked to write a list of questions that we could ask the Governors to find out more about what they do. We then asked a Governor to come into school and asked them those questions. Questions included: 'How important are Governors?', 'What do Governors do?', 'Who is the Chair of Governors?', 'How many Governors are in the Governing Body?' and 'Do they inspect the teachers?'


We have been planning different activities for Red Nose Day and have asked classes to suggest things we can do to raise money.


We helped to finalise the gym equipment for the junior playgrounds and the big net in the Year 3/4 playground. We are now in the process of writing a list of rules for using the equipment.