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Governing Body Committees

The full Governing Body meets twice a term at Business meetings. All Governors also sit on
one or both of the two main Committees, Resources and School Improvement; these
committees meet once a term.
The Resources Committee is concerned with the financial side of running the School. It
considers the School budget and accounts in detail. This includes the funding received
from the Local Authority, expenses including salaries and utilities, and one-off projects
like the recent window walling and the astro-turf pitch. They have to consider
a number of complicated documents which schools are required to have by the Local
Authority or the Government such as the Schedule of Financial Delegation. They also
deal with benchmarking data – when they compare the data for our School, including
SATs results and amounts spent, with the data for other similar schools.
The School Improvement Committee is responsible for matters relating to the
curriculum, the School’s performance and the training and performance of the
Governors themselves. Recently it has been mainly concerned with considering SATs
results, communication between the Governors and parents, monitoring visits to the
School by Governors, ensuring that new Governors are properly supported and that
Governors continue to undertake all the training that they need.
The current membership of the Committees is:
Resources:  Caroline Brown (Chair), Stuart Upson, Richard Haynes, David Challis
School Improvement:  Stuart Upson, Richard Haynes, Zoe O'Neill, Annie Sheehan, Jo Nicholls, Emma Jackson, Dishita Trivedi