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Before 1970

Peter Ellis

Years at school: 1960 to 1965

Read Law at the University of London
PGCT University of London
PGCT University of East Carolina
Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
Worked in law, education and business.
Negotiated the loan of the Magna Carta to the USA

General Memories: My first memory is of my mother taking me to school on the first day; ever after I walked by myself.
I believe that Miss Morgan was the head of the infant school; she was kind though a little frightening figure.
After two years I moved up to the 'big'school, Mr. Crawford was the head. He was always kind to me but I well remember him physically punishing several miscreants in front of the whole school.

Memories of Teachers: My first teacher in the junior school was Mrs. Osborne, she was very tough.
In my third year my teacher was Mr. Foster; he was kind and loved teaching history.
Mr. Loud never taught me but I recall one occasion when he spoke to my class, his subject was travel. He must have inspired me because much of my career has been spent in countries all around the world; I type these words in Central Asia.

Memories of School Trips and Events: I remember a school trip to the Cutty Sark and the National Maritime Museum.
I won a Cutty Sark badge for winning the trip quiz.

Memories of School Clubs and Sports: I was hopeless at sport!
Mr. Crawford presented me with a book at prize giving, the inscription read - for great effort.


Clive Lambert

Years at school: 1958 to 1963

All sorts. Truck driving for the last 40 years

General Memories: Wonderful little school with many friends and kind teachers.

Memories of Teachers: Miss Beech with her brand new red mini car. Mr Loud he was air crew on a bomber ww2.

Memories of School Trips and Events: Cuffley camp