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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6.
Mrs Hart (6H) and Mr Bannister (6B) are the class teachers for Year 6; Mr Haynes will also be taking one of the maths sets. Other teachers may teach your class on occasions. Mrs Woolley, Mrs Lane and Mrs Deas will also work with you each day.

Creative Arts - Our World, Our Future'

Isla's Macaw
Zahir's Sunset African Elephants
Samantha's Beautiful Butterfly
Evie's Jungle Jaguar
Zahir's Rainforest Macaws
Samantha's Polar Footprint
Molly's Polar Footprint
Sabih's African Giraffe
Our finished displays
Our finished displays
Our finished displays
Our finished displays
Our finished displays
May's Arty Zebra
Iulia's Elephant Landscape
May's Butterfly
Max and Kieran's Butterfly
Iulia's Orang-utan
Alfie's Arty Elephant
India's Arty Elephant
Kieran's Elephant Landscape

Outstanding work completed at home

Olimpia's  Vertebrates 6H
Jack's  Invertebrates 6H
Aymen's Vertebrates 6H
Sabih 6H
Rachel Fenn 6H
Jack 6H is still working hard!
Aymen's Hygiene Poster 6H
Olimpia's Invertebrates 6H
Plant Classification Sabih 6H
Britain Since 1948 Sabih 6H
Olimpia's very artistic plant classification 6H
Zahir's Microbes 6H
Isla's Fashion from the 1960s and 1970
Xavier's Amazing Flashback story 6H
Sienna's flashback to her holiday 6H
Jack's amazing diary as Zoe 6H
Jack's experience at the 60s 'Beatles' concert 6H
Xavier's witness statement 6H
Sabih's Dark River Island 6H
Jack's River poem 6H