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Hobbs Hill Wood Primary School

Improving outcomes for all our pupils through high quality teaching and learning

Teaching and Support Staff

Teaching Staff
Support Staff
Miss A. Pyke - Nursery Manager
Miss Z. Mackie
Miss C. King - Early Years Practitioner
Mrs R. Haines
Miss S. Allen - Early Years Practitioner


Mrs J. Dawkins (RD)- Assistant Head Foundation Stage   
Mrs J. Thomas
Mrs J. Forbes (RF)
Mrs C. Ross
Mrs J. Harris
Year 1
Miss H. Stevens (1S)
Mrs. V Battaglia
Miss C Thornton (1T)
Mrs K Forsdike
Year 2
Mrs J. Green - Assistant Head KS1 (2G)
Mrs T. Mayes
Miss D. Trivedi (2T)
Mrs J. Carlisle
Year 3
Miss E. Ryan (3R)
Mrs C. Grossman
Miss N. Jackson (3J)
Mrs M. Revell
Year 4
Miss N. Morgan
Mrs J. Lupton
Mrs D. Hart Assistant Head Years 3 and 4
Mrs J Shaughnessy
Year 5
Miss F. Byrne (5B)
Miss K. Bullock
Ms C. Woolman (5W) Mrs K. North
Year 6
Mr G. Bannister (6B)
Mrs D. Woolley
Mrs S. Alexander (6A) Assistant Head Years 5 and 6
Mrs V. Clarke