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Vikings and Dragons...What will we be learning?

In reading we have been learning....
How authors use language to make stories exciting
How to use text to form an image in our minds
How tense can affect the flow of the action in the story
How powerful verbs can change the feel of the writing
In writing we have been learning to....
Use dramatic language to make our writing exciting
Use our imagination to create our own dragon and describe it
Use our organisational skills to create 'A Guide to Dragonland'
Research Cressida Cowell's life and write her biography
Present our writing in different forms including newspaper, non fiction and non chronological reports
In History we have been finding out...
Why and where did the vikings invade?
Why and where did the Vikings settle?

What did the Vikings believe in?
What is the importance of the raid on Lindisfarne?
How do we know about the Vikings?
What evidence has been left behind?
How did the Viking live on a daily basis?
How did the Vikings travel?
In Geography we have been finding out..
Where did the Vikings come from?
Which routes did they take to travel here?
Where in England did the Vikings settle?
What information would tourists need? (A Guide to Dragonland)
In DT and Science we will be...
Designing and making a model Viking village with a typical Viking fire using modern day technology
In maths we will be..
Solving Viking word problems

In ART we have...
Created our own Viking jewellery
And we will be creating Viking Dragon figure heads