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Summer Term. Habitats Around the World. What will we be learning?

Can you identify rhyming structure in rainforest poetry?
Can you plan and write your own poems using your own rhyming structure and show the behaviour of animals through your description?
Persuasive and argument texts
Should animals be kept in zoos? What's your opinion? Can zoos really recreate a natural habitat and give animals everything they need? You decide! The Dancing Bear - Michael Morpurgo...Should the bear have been rescued and kept in captivity? What are the different points of view of the characters?
London Aquarium - Are their enclosures fair and suitable for all under water creatures?
Are humans causing animals to become extinct? What can we do about it?
Can you identify where rainforests are on a map?
Can you research a type of animal that might be found in the rainforest?
Can you create a rainforest scene using colour?
Can you describe what an ocean animal needs to survive?
Can you research an ocean animal using varied sources of information?
Can you use food chain vocabulary and describe the chain in different habitats?
Can you visually display a food chain using different techniques in art?
Can you explain what Deforestation is and the effect on the habitats?
How are humans affecting our animals all over the world?