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Sponsored Walk 2014

On Friday 6th June, we held our annual sponsored walk. 

The theme for this year was 'The Road to Rio' and the aim was to walk the distance to the venue of the World Cup Final - just over 9000km. As well as walking, there were extra activities to have a go at along the way- the 'Dribble Master', 'Penalty King' and 'Crossbar Challenge'.

As well as raising money for the school, we were also raising money for Sport Relief.

Once again, the weather was amazing, the children had a great time and they totally deserved their Mars Bars at the finish.

Have a look at the photos below to see what we all got up to.
Picture 1 Mr Haynes and Mrs Alexander swamped by finishers.
Picture 2 It's all over - with the chocolate as the reward.
Picture 3 Standing on the line would be a better idea.
Picture 4 Will this one go in?
Picture 5 The secret - don't hit it straight at Mr Berkeley.
Picture 6 Ah, the open field in the Summer Sun.
Picture 7 Checkpoint 4 - the most remote of all checkpoints.
Picture 8 Getting their sheets checked at the checkpoint.
Picture 9 The walk is done.
Picture 10 Enjoying a rest in the shade.
Picture 11 They're either finished or having a rest. Or both.
Picture 12 Some children nearing the finish.
Picture 13 Mrs North's turn to set the footballs.
Picture 14 Mr Bannister keeping score.
Picture 15 Not the post, the *crossbar*!
Picture 16 The secret - hitting the crossbar.
Picture 17 No caption necessary.
Picture 18 This is more like it. Walk like the wind, everyone
Picture 19 Heading towards the very first checkpoint.
Picture 20 Not quite getting the hang of a sponsored *walk*.
Picture 21 So much posing!
Picture 22 Like walking - but with a ball at your feet.
Picture 23 Just look at the concentration.
Picture 24 The secret - dribble really well.
Picture 25 Keep your eye on the ball.
Picture 26 Miss Scott looking out for the 'Dribble Masters'
Picture 27 Miss Bullock keeping score of the penalties.
Picture 28 The Crossbar Challenge - harder than it looked.
Picture 29 Less posing, more walking.
Picture 30 Things got a bit busy at checkpoint 5.
Picture 31 Keeping hold of those all-important checksheets.