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Sponsored Walk 2013

On Thursday 6th June, we held our annual sponsored walk. As usual, the course went around our entire school site (only taking a slight detour to avoid the building of the new sports pitch). This year there extra activites to complete - skipping, hula hooping and hurdling.

The weather was glorious, the children had a great time and they totally deserved their Mars Bars at the finish. (Please note: other confectionary snacks are available!)

Have a look at the photos below to see what we all got up to.
And so, the walk begins.
The detour around the new sports pitch.
Hey, no time for posing!
The hurdles activity!
Making the most of our huge field.
Some children were in a hurry.
Checkpoint 3 gets busy.
And then the sun came out.
All smiles at Checkpoint 4.
Checkpoint 5 - one lap completed.
Onwards and onwards.
Back round to Checkpoint 1
Some children were in a real hurry!
The drinks station was a welcome relief for some.
Checkpoint 2 was just as busy as the others.
Yay, walking!
Less posing, more walking!
Just like a walk in the park.
The hula hooping activity - deceptively difficult.
Skip to be fit - and to take a break from walking.
Keep going, there's only 10 more laps to go!
On the final lap.
Final time at this checkpoint.
So close to the end...
A Mars a day...
Checksheets completed.
Done and done.
Lots of children finished.