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School of Rock audition script

School of Rock audition script

DEWEY: Today, you guys can just chill out. We’ll start on the teaching rubbish tomorrow. Take breaktime. Have fun. And leave me alone. Listen! As long as I’m here, there will be no grades and no gold stars and absolutely no achievements! We’re gonna have fun all the time. Geddit?

Whoa there! You guys can play music? Why did no one tell me you could play music? You know what this means, don’t you?  It means we can compete in The Battle of the Bands.

Sing ‘You’re in the Band’                   

Grab a hold of your axe and try to pluck out this riff
Let your shoulders relax, you don’t wanna be so stiff
Keep on going don’t stop
take it over the top
Make each note really pop
squeeze out every last drop
Give it one final whop!
and yes, you’re in the band


Turn a cello this way and it’s practically like a bass.
Pop the strings when the play and watch how you shred my face.
Keep on rockin’ each note
grab it right by the throat
Keep the rhythm afloat
don’t forget to emote
And that’s all that she wrote!
Baby you’re in the band.


ROSALIE – Head teacher:

ROSALIE Due to Mrs. Dunham’s injury, a new teacher will be arriving this morning. His name is Mr. Schneebly and I want to see him treated with the courtesy that has made Horace Green famous. And here he is. Now then, Mr. Schneebly, at our hallowed school, the children learn discipline. Discipline, discipline, discipline! We drill it in with, as you might guess, the fear of doing less than well.


Rosalie song: Where did the rock go?               

Back when I was younger

Wild and bold and free

I can still remember

How the music used to be.

Chords like rolling thunder –

Loud beyond control –

Ev’ry note and lyric

Branded right across my soul –

Where did the rock go?

Where’s the rush of those electric guitars?

Where are all those voices raised to heaven

Blazing down like shooting stars?



Generic main children parts:

Child 1: So, what do you think of Mr Schneebly?

Child 2: What do I think? He’s awesome. I mean, our music lessons are amazing.

Child 1: Amazing? Really? They are very different, I’ll give you that, but we’ve not been graded for weeks.

Child 2: I know, right. I’m usually terrible, but I haven’t got an F grade in weeks. My parents are so proud of me.

Child 1: How am I going to get gold stars if I don’t get graded? How will I get gold stars?


Generic singers/ other main children parts

Song – If only you would listen

You always talk, talk, talk all the time.

You never let me get in a word.

I wish I had, I had a dime

For every thought I’ve swallowed unheard

No matter what it is that I do

It’s like I just can’t seem to get through.


I’ve got so much to say

If only you would listen

I’ve tried every which way

And still you never listen

Can’t you see I’m hurting?

I couldn’t be more clear

But I promise one day I’ll make you hear.