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Sponsored Walk 2017

It's that time of year again - the Annual Hobbs Hill Wood Sponsored Walk.

It's also the time for us to play the 'What will the weather be like this minute?' game.


The week leading up to the sponsored walk had been a very mixed bag: some lovely days filled with glorious sunshine, some days dampened by torrential downpours. And what did we end up with? Well, a bit of everything as it turned out. The morning started off nicely but it ended up being what can best be described as 'changeable'! There were moments of sunshine where we thought about reaching for the factor 50, and there occasions where we wished we had brought our waders.


With a spring in their step, the Year 6s headed out first. Some were keen to beat their lap records from previous years. Others, it seemed, were more than happy to take a leisurely stroll around the route. Is wasn't long before other classes ventured out to begin their walks and eventually all our children were snaking around the outside of the school grounds - like some kind of big snake of children walking around a school. (Mental note, extra work on similes next week.) 


The main difference this year was that our Year 6 school council representatives had been given some extra responsibilities. They were now the ones in charge of the bonus activities. Linking with this summer's World Athletics Championships in London, there were three challenges for all the children to attempt: the obstacle course, the minute skip and the target throw. With stop watches in hands and Hi Vis jackets on their backs, they worked incredibly hard all morning long.


By the end of the walk, many laps had been completed, hurdles had been jumped, balls thrown, ropes skipped and chocolate bars munched.


Now then, I'm not sure if our children are getting fitter, but there were many more extra laps walked this year compared to other years. Maybe the children really, really wanted to try their hardest like never before, or maybe they just wanted the bonus sweets that came with every lap! We will never know.


A huge thanks to all the parents who came along - to those who showed willing to walk the course with their children and to those who sat on checkpoints and ticked/stamped the hundreds of sheets being continually thrust at them. As always, these events would not be successful without extra support.


Money raised will be spent on workshops and resources for this year's Creative Week and subsidising the whole-school outing to Wicksteed Park.