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Isle of Wight 2016 - Thurs

Today was a little more relaxed although the weather would affect our plans. Everyone was up at 7.00pm, washed and dressed and ready for breakfast by 8.00am. As we were preparing to leave for our first activity it began to rain heavily and it looked like there would be showers throughout the day. We set off for Alum Bay aware that the whole day was to be spent outdoors and the children would be disappointed to miss their afternoon on the beach. Our first visit at Alum Bay was to the Needles Old Battery. We walked out to the headland where the Battery was built. Our National Trust guide took us on a tour of the Battery and told us about its history. We then went underground and through the tunnel to the observation post set into the cliff where we were able to view the Needles. We walked back and then went on the chairlift down through the valley, over the cliff edge and down to the beach. Some of the children were a little startled by the height of the ride and the fact that their feet were dangling in the air but all enjoyed it and we're happy to take the return journey after viewing the coloured sands in the cliff face. After lunch the children were desperate to spend their pocket money so they were allowed to go into the coloured sand shop and the gift shops - lots of interesting presents were purchased and Liam was especially delighted with his selfie stick. Due to the showers, we were behind schedule and it looked like we would have to give the beach a miss but when we got to Sandown the sun was shining. We decided to give the children a choice of a short time on the beach and then on the pier or just time on the pier. Ollie and Omar were the only ones who voted for option two so they were out voted and we all went on the beach. Most children decided to brave the cold water and were soon swimming, diving and splashing in the sea. After a quick change we were on the pier and lots of chips, doughnuts and candy floss were being eaten as well as lots of money being spent on the machines. Our evening meal ended with prizes for the best room and table. The girls in rooms 9 and 11 were the winners of the best room but the boys - Sanly, Connor and Nate won the tidiest table - let's hope they are just as tidy at home! After our evening meal everyone had just £1 to spend on the seafront at Shanklin - some made it last a long time, others spent it all in one go! Just one more day to go.