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Isle of Wight 2016 - Monday

All arrived safely at the Roseberry Hotel.
We set off early but spent some time on the M25! We boarded the 11.00am ferry and had a quick but breezy journey across to the Isle of Wight (Mrs Alexander seemed to think our ferry was more like a submarine as she was convinced our coach had gone below the waterline!)We arrived at Robin Hill in the rain but it soon dried up and we were able to eat our lunches outdoors. We spent the next 4 hours enjoying the park. Most children and staff tried out the simulator which gave a very bumpy ride along the Great Wall of China. We then tackled the Galleon, a high swinging pirate ship accompanied by lots of screaming. We explored the other features of the park and then ended up at the toboggan ride where many children came hurtling down the hillside and then went back for more. Lots of tasty cookies and ice creams were consumed at the cafe and then we climbed back aboard our coach and headed for our hotel. At the hotel we all found our rooms and enjoyed a lovely pasta evening meal. After a short break we set of to explore Shanklin seafront and its sandy beach. Several children got sandy feet and Joshua asked at least 10 times if he could wash his feet as there was a tiny bit of sand on his toes! We walked back to our hotel and most children were in bed by 9.45am. The teachers are now having a well-earned rest although Mr Berkeley has been tasked with removing SIM cards from phones as we did request that parents do this in advance to avoid any unnecessary calls home. If you have asked your child to text or call you please don't expect any further communication!