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Into the Boys' Football Final

The title for this news report is a bit of a spoiler, but hey ho!


Friday 24th March was Red Nose Day, but just as importantly, it was semi-final day for the boys' football team.


Having steamrollered St. Paul's in the quarters, it was time to face Bovingdon - our nemesis from the 6-a-side competition the other week. The team that beat us 4-1 and made us all very, very sad.


Filled with determination (and far too many Red Nose Day cakes), we took to the field knowing that anything less than 100% effort would result in defeat. We made a fantastic start - winning challenges, creating chances, winning more challenges and totally dominating the opposition. It wasn't long before the ball hit the back of Bovingdon's net. The ball dropped nicely in their box and Thomas was on hand to volley the ball past the 'keeper.


A second goal soon followed thanks again to Thomas - calmly slotting the ball into the bottom corner.


Bovingdon were on the ropes and had no answer to our pressure. It wasn't long before Aaron made the score 3-0. In all the excitement of the match, I've completely forgotten how he scored - I just know that he did. (Sorry about that.) It was probably a scruffy rebound, but let's say that it was a screamer from miles out.


We went into half time knowing that the job was nowhere near done. We may have had a healthy lead, but we were about to shoot towards the setting Sun, which was going to be a problem. Concentration was needed, and determination! And effort. In fact, lots of things were needed (apart from cake, we had all had plenty of cake).


Early in the second half, their 'keeper came out of his area to clear the ball which went straight to Tyrell. Calm as you like, he passed the ball into the net from quite some distance. 4-0. the semi-final! Our health lead had become even healthier.


The rest of the game is a bit of a blur, to he honest. There was running and shots and challenges and a few fouls and some dodgy throw-ins and headers and clearances. The highlight of the match was an absolute piledriver of a shot from Kyle which was pushed onto the bar by their diving 'keeper.


Late on, Bovingdon got a goal back with a neat finish but that was it. The final score was 4-1 and our victory was very much deserved.


We now head into the final more confident than ever. Whatever happens, we have had an extraordinarily good year.