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Boys' Football League Match 6: HHW 6 Gade Valley 0

Normal business is resumed!


This was a final league match before the Cup turns into a knockout competition.


It was safe to assume that we had already qualified, but that was not the point. We needed to put in a decent performance after our last disappointing outing.


Although we beat Gade Valley away from home, they gave us quite a tough match. We would need to be firing on all cylinders if we were to pick up another three points. Thankfully, this was not a problem.


From the very first whistle, we were on great form which was great to see. Crisp passing, running off the ball and players calling for the ball was all there from the off - and it made such a difference. We scored fairly early on which helped to settle any early nerves - a goal by Riley, having cut in from the wing. (Because I was refereeing this one, I couldn't make copious notes about the details of how each one was scored.)


Our second goal went in soon after and was scored by Ollie. Again, other than the ball hitting the back of the net, you'll have to use your imagination as to how.


The third was scored by Albie after a lovely passing move. And the fourth was toe-poked home by Albie for his second.


Our fifth went in just before half-time and was an absolute thunderbolt by Ollie, who blasted it in from distance. 


Considering how Gade Valley put in a real fighting performance in the reverse fixture, this was almost disappointingly one-sided. We had a game plan and stuck to it, and it totally worked


The game in the second half was affected by two things: after all the recent heavy rain, the opposition penalty area had turned into a bit of a bog. This was not helped by a sudden downpour. But, what the second half lacked in scoring, it made up for in comedy value.


We had a number of great chances which were spurned either through  players slipping over or the ball becoming stuck dead in the pitch as we tried to shoot. Try as we might, we just could get that ball into the net.


Eventually, we managed to score just one more thanks to Alfie's fantastic lob from distance.  


6-0 was the final score and totally deserved. 


We now head into the quarter finals of the 7 a-side league and the Wix Cup 9 a-side.