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6B Tolmers update

Mr Bannister here with a Tolmers update. 
(Apologies for any typos - it turns out that updating the website on a phone is really difficult.)

So what have we been up to so far? The answer being - quite a lot.
Having unpacked our things, we went on our first exploration of the Tolmers site. With a small amount of trepidation, we headed into the woods.
We have learnt that the glorious summer weather was brilliant for holidays, but not so good for hilarious anecdotes. There were no muddy puddles for us to splash in; there were no slippery slopes to slide down; there was no stream to fill up our wellies. Yes, there were the wonderful sights and smells of early autumn, but nothing that would get £250 on You've Been Framed!
After lunch, there was some free time to play in the grounds - building dens, playing football and playing 'Wookie It' (whatever that is). Some volunteers spent some time picking blackberries, which ended up in our apple crumbles. The crumbles were especially delicious this year.
In the afternoon, we had a go at the coconut tree climb and archery. There were some bullseyes hit, but nothing to trouble Jessica Stretton. Mrs Woolley and I got the joint top score of 31 points. Jake was best of the children with 29 points, with Harry close behind on 26. The fastest children on the trees were Thomas with 18 seconds and Madeeha close behind on 19 seconds.
The night time hike gave us a chance to use our torches in the dark. The night sky gave us a clear view of the constellations. There is way less light pollution in Cuffley than in Hemel.
And then it was bed. (All things considered, it was a fairly quiet night.)
This morning saw the usual classic of children trying to spread butter on their toast. It makes me cringe and laugh in equal measure, and it never gets old! Hopefully, they'll get the hang of it by the time we head home. 
We're about to head off into the woods again - this time to build bigger dens and make up some stories. Who knows what they'll come up with?!
Mr Bannister: out.