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6B Tolmers Update 2

Mr Bannister here again to keep you updated on the events at Tolmers.
If Channel 4 struggle to keep the audience for The Great British Bake-off, I have a suggestion for a slight change of format: children buttering toast. Seriously, it would make for compulsive viewing - especially in slow motion.
Anyhoo, we've had another massively busy day. Task one was to build mega-dens, make up stories about them, and then tell those stories to the rest of the class. We had tales about swamp monsters, a poor family living in the woods and an evil curse. There was also an epic tale which would have given 'The Neverending Story' a run for its money - in terms of length.
We then came back to base to begin writing our Tolmers diaries. The focus was on using fronted adverbials, adjectives and adverbs. (We shall continue writing those when we get back at school on Friday, if we are awake enough to put pen to paper.)
The afternoon saw the children have a go at canoeing and Rope-a-Phobia. According to Splodge (the canoeing instructor), Alfie and Ella are both 'Supreme Beings of the Universe'. I think it was something to do with a rock/paper/scissors game, but maybe he knew something that I don't. All the children managed the rope challenge without any fuss or incident - fantastic for the class, but not great for anecdotes.
Dinner was a pasta/hotdog combo, which went down very well, followed by homemade banoffee pie. And here are three words which don't usually go together: squirty cream moustaches!
The evening activity was a night-time torch-lit quiz challenge (really must come up with a snappier title for next year). In small groups, the children had to hunt around the grounds in search of paper clues (and myself and Mrs Woolley). The winning group was Kyle, Luis, Karlan and Ted.
And that is all! (It's currently 10:30 and all is quiet - apart from the occasion burst of noise from the bedrooms. The teachers are still awake, but only just. Mrs Woolley and Mrs Clarke both say 'looking forward to next year'. (Please note, the previous quote may have come from Mr Haynes, who is currently drinking a cup of tea with a big grin on his face.)
Mr Bannister:out.