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Key Stage 2 Sports Day 2017

On Thursday 29th June, the whole school took part in Sports Day activities - Foundation Stage and KS1 in the morning, KS2 in the afternoon.

The weather was perfect marathon weather: overcast with a cool breeze. (This may not have been the best weather for sitting and watching races, but at least it wasn't raining.)


All children took part in a variety of events. These included straight sprints, relays and long distance races. The first four places in each race were added to a grand total, which would eventually tell us the overall winner.


The sprints showed us that we have some lightning quick children in our school. It was the novelty races, however, that told us so much more:

  • running whilst balancing a quoit on your head is surprisingly difficult
  • skipping - wowzers! It would appear that skipping is becoming a dying art. Skipping *and* running - double wowzers!! Based on this evidence, we may need to add some compulsory skipping practise to future P.E. lessons
  • the egg and spoon was fairly straightforward - not too many disasters
  • the sack race was incredible. The label on the rubble sacks stated how much weight and stress they could comfortably manage. It became very clear, very quickly that they were not designed for Year 6 pupils. 


We zipped through the baton relays and long distance races, but ran out of time for the Tug-of-War.


It was then left to Mr Haynes to announce the winners of the afternoon session - MARS! Well done to all of those children who contributed to their total. Before they could celebrate, however, the scores were then added to the results from the morning's races and the winners changed to SATURN. Well done to all of *those* children who contributed to their total.