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Isle of Wight 2012

Here are some pictures of our recent trip to the Isle of Wight. We all had to wear orange hoodies just in case we got lost or fell overboard! Everyone we saw thought they were a great idea - even the staff had to wear them!

Everyone had a great time visting Portsmouth, going on a train and crossing the Solent by Hovercraft.We also went bowling, swimming, skating, walked to the beach and swam in the sea. Other places we went to included a farm, Osborne House where Queen Victoria once lived,the Royal Navy 'Action Stations' and the Victory.
Posing in our Isle of Wight 2012 hoodies.
Anything the girls can do, we can do better.
Don't we look cool Mr King?
The boys trying to pose as well.
This is the life Mr King!
Queen Victoria lived here.
Osborne House
A strange group of girls and two boys.
Which one do I choose?
Lea posing as usual.
Miss Sheehan wearing her hoodie.
Boarding the Hovercraft.
A Hovercraft.
Now for my next trick!
A very LARGE pig!
These are woolly pigs.
Those shorts are enough to put you off a meal!
My turn next Megan.
This is easy Mrs Alexander.
Feeding the animals.
Adding the finishing touches.
Burying George on his birthday.
Harvey trying out a new beauty treatment.