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6B Lee Valley trip 2017

To learn more about the features of rivers, we went on a field trip to the Lee Valley.


The day was split into several different sections with a number of different activities.


We started off walking along the Old River Lea and noting its various features: plants growing in the river and on the banks; visible wildlife and evidence of erosion. A crayfish claw on the path was possible evidence of an otter, but we couldn't be sure. We stopped off to measure the flow of the river and were able to see the difference in speed between the inside and outside curve of the meander.


After that, we headed over to the man-made navigation (canal) and noted all of the key differences. There was no need to measure the flow as there wasn't any. Unfortunately, there were no narrow boats on the move so we didn't see the lock in action.


The afternoon gave us the opportunity to head to the hide and do a bit of bird spotting. Using some nifty binoculars, we saw mute swans, Canada geese, coots, black headed gulls, mallards and many more. There was also a common tern that entertained us with an impressive aerobatic display as it fed on flying insects.


Back where we started, we played a game based around the migration of teals. All of us were given a number on a badge and we set off on our journey from Russia to Britain. At various stops a card was randomly selected, which was either good or bad for the flock. Fine weather and plenty of food meant that the teal numbers stayed high, but other cards were bad news. Poachers and pollution were the cause of some of our flock turning into 'ghost birds'. By the end, two-thirds of the flock made it to Britain, which was pretty good going.


Finally, we worked in groups to make diagrams of rivers using natural resources. Broken branches and twigs were perfect for forming our rivers from source to mouth.


The weather was glorious, lots of fun was had and plenty was learned.