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Year 5 Activity Week

During the week beginning Monday 28th September, 5S and 5C took turns to visit Tolmers activity centre for a residential trip.  When we arrived we had the excitement of finding out which rooms we were all in.  We then explored the woodland surrounding our lodge and wrote imaginative descriptions where we pretended that we had arrived on another planet.  On the second day we completed more English activities based on our experiences during the previous day.

During the course of the two days, we had the opportunity to participate in a range of activities including archery, climbing, abseiling and racing against each other on the inflatable assault course.  We also had free time which was a great chance to explore the outdoor area and to build dens amongst the trees. 

Breakfast each day consisted of cereal and toast.  The toast was particularly popular and we got through several loaves of bread each day!  We all made our own rolls at lunchtime.  In groups, we also prepared our evening desserts and made delicious apple crumbles and banoffee pies!  After each meal, the adults brought out washing-up bowls along with cloths and teatowels.  Everyone then had to wash and dry up any plates, bowls, cups and cutlery that they had used.  This was a new experience for lots of us!

After our evening meal and homework, we went outside in the dark each evening.  On the first evening, Mr Haynes led us on a torchlit challenge where we had to cross bridges, climb ditches, explore the woods and listen carefully to see what we could hear.  We ended this challenge with a fun game.  On the second evening, we took part in a torchlit quiz with questions which were linked to our Space topic. 

Everyone had a fantastic time at Tolmers.  We even got some sleep along the way, although for some reason the teachers seemed to get a bit grumpy with us when we wanted to chat instead of going to sleep on our first night.  We were sad to leave as we had such a lovely time but we do have some great memories and there's always the Year 6 Tolmers trip to look forward to!  In the meantime, here are some of the photographs from our exciting trip.
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